The POA acts as a voice for property owners, while also developing social, cultural and sporting activities for its members, families and guests.

The Property Owners Association (POA) is the organisation representing Vale do Lobo property owners and liaises with the Vale do Lobo management and Infralobo management on issues of joint concern while also representing its members before public and private entities.

A voice for property owners

Events are held annually, monthly and weekly and are the ideal way to learn more about the resort while meeting the community.

The committee meet quarterly to represent the collective members interests through regular open dialogue with Vale do Lobo and Infralobo and act as a conduit to raise ideas, concerns and offer opinions and recommendations.

The Cocktail Party, normally held on the first Friday of the month in Spikes, is an excellent opportunity to meet the committee, other owners and members of the Vale do Lobo management.

An annual general meeting is held in October each year and offers the opportunity for members to raise joint or individual concerns and to find out the latest news from Vale do Lobo and Infralobo on current and forthcoming projects.

Your first port of call

The Proprietor’s Club also provides the perfect platform for new owners to integrate into the community, organising a number of regular activities and events year round and works closely with the POA to ensure an exceptional experience within resort.

The collaborative approach of the property owners in acknowledging and understanding the importance of supporting the resort’s executive through the utilisation of its services and facilities has been the key foundation to the Vale do Lobo success story over its 55 year history creating a unique and safe environment to own a property overseas.

We Are One Vale do Lobo

This collaborative approach has fostered a vibrant community and provided the resort with the ability to continually invest in its facilities and infrastructure.

This investment ensures the maintains its world class status which underpins robust property prices. Vale do Lobo has long been, and will continue to be, a unique and beautiful place in which to invest and a resort many others have tried to emulate but found difficult to deliver. This pedigree is continually been demonstrated over the years with a plethora of awards and only recently the area was identified by The Live and Invest Overseas index as the best place to retire.

Being an owner in Vale do Lobo to become part of a unique community with a strong sense of camaraderie and networking.


Infralobo, E.M. is a municipal company in charge of the management and maintenance of public areas and infrastructures in Vale do Lobo’s resort, including water supply, sanitation and collection of solid waste, maintenance of roads networks, green areas and urban cleaning. In addition to the day-to-day servicing, we have promoted throughout the years several interventions within the resort, making every effort to ensure the high-quality standards that characterizes Vale do Lobo, guaranteeing the homogenization and renovation of the existing infrastructures and, as a result, bring a higher value to the properties located therein. Infralobo’s current Administration is strongly committed in the continuous investment and renovating infrastructures and public areas, urban hygiene and new information technologies, thus giving continuity to the work developed in providing a better service, both in quantity and quality. Working together with Vale do Lobo’s Property Owners Association has given us the opportunity to strengthen dialogue with those who benefit from our services, as we value direct contact with property owners.


The delight of sharing this piece of paradiseVale do Lobo is more than a beach resort. Our multi-national residents have built a strong community. The access to sports and all kinds of outdoor activities is unbeatable.

Vale do Lobo enjoys the magnificent Atlantic coastline as well as an easy access to the airport and motorways to bring you here or away. The most common response by residents when asked why they love Vale do Lobo is “the lifestyle that is available here and in such a beautiful environment”

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