Proprietors Club

Vale do Lobo is proud to have been providing an exceptional service to Property Owners and guests for almost 55 years, but it is the people behind Vale do Lobo who remain key in maintaining and raising the standards of the resort, both now and into the future.

The first step to staying forever in Vale do Lobo begins with a visit to the resort, it is from here that guests are able to then journey forward and find their dream home. A visit to the Golf Club (2) for a game of golf on the Royal or Ocean courses or the Wellness Centre (5) for relaxing treatments and therapies, offers an opportunity for guests to initially discover Vale do Lobo and leads to many then choosing to return for a longer break. There are fantastic holiday options available for the entire family in Vale do Lobo, complimented by the 24 hour reception service (1) for friends, family and guests and exclusive benefits and privileges on the wide range of services throughout the resort.


The safe and secure environment within the resort is maintained by the professional security team 24 hours a day (7), while property owners have access to a central alarm system and are able to create bespoke security solutions for ultimate peace of mind. Once the decision has been made to purchase a property within the resort, the Official Real Estate Team are able to guide buyers and sellers throughout the entire process; from finding the perfect home, to handing over the keys and welcoming owners into the community. While there are many villas and apartments to choose from within the resort, those looking to build their dream home can call on the professionals within the construction team (8) or can instead choose remodelling and renovation services to transform existing properties.

Everything property owners need, from complete management services including rental opportunities, to professional property maintenance, is available from the Proprietors Club (6). With a dedicated reception and exclusive Club of Clubs Members lounge, the Proprietors Club offers an exceptional level of service and a comprehensive range of management services (3/4), as well as access to exclusive discounts and privileges throughout the resort. Drawing all elements together and working behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of every element within the resort are the Finance, IT, Legal and Human Resources teams (9). These departments are at the very core of Vale do Lobo and the professionalism and dedication of all of the members allows Vale do Lobo to maintain and improve standards throughout the resort constantly for all property owners guests and visitors.