The Roles & Objectives of the Property Owners Association

The POA is independent of the Vale do Lobo group of companies and is a non-profit making

organisation. Its function and objectives are:

button To work with Vale do Lobo to ensure the high quality standards that are associated with a five star resort are maintained in order that owner’s investments and quality of life are preserved.

button To represent the collective members interests through regular, open dialogue with VDL in the management and also with Infralobo management as well as the public or private entities.

button To ensure the annual membership levy with VDL increases no more than the rate of inflation at that time.

button To agree an annual “service level agreement” with VDL.

buttonTo host social events and to promote events or activities in and out of VDL which enable members to get to know each other and also to provide a forum for constructive communication with VDL.

button To act as a conduit to raise ideas and concerns with VDL through a single point of contact.